Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy

We accept payment via Credit and Debit cards displaying the VISA or MasterCard logos. We also accept cheque and bank transfer. All payments are made in British Pounds. Any payments taken by credit or debit card will show on your statement as “BlackPearlClaims01133202444”.

Cancellation Policy

You can terminate your agreement without penalty at any point up to the point you have received a full offer from the financial provider.

Refund Policy
Packaged Bank Account Standard Terms (Terms Version 2019.04)
  1. Black Pearl Claims Limited [BPC] are to be my/our sole representative in the handling of my Packaged Bank Account claim, and I/we understand BPC is an independent organisation and is not affiliated in any way with my financial provider.
  2. I/We agree the information provided to BPC is correct, and will provide any further information to BPC as required to pursue the claim.
  3. I/We understand that BPC will require copies of any correspondence sent directly to myself/ourselves in a timely manner.
  4. I/We understand that BPC relies on the financial provider to provide accurate figures in regards to the insurance policy and compensation. Any calculations or figures provided by BPC are based on information provided by myself/ourselves and our financial provider solely.
  5. I/We confirm I/we are not in any Debt Management Plans, IVAs or Bankruptcy. I/we understand that should I/we enter such an agreement or plan whilst the claim is progressing, all work will be ceased by BPC and the account closed without charge to myself/ourselves.
  6. I/We understand there is no requirement to use BPC to handle my claim. I/we understand I/we have the right to seek further advice, that a complaint can be raised directly to the bank and/or Financial Ombudsman Service myself/ourselves, I/we can shop around, and that I/we may have legal expenses insurance to cover such a claim. Please note that our fees will be reviewed in light of the Financial Guidance & Claims Act 2018 on the 10th July 2018 for contracts signed from this date forward. I/we are happy to proceed with using BPC with this understanding.
  7. I/we understand we may terminate this agreement without penalty at any time within the first fourteen days. After this period of fourteen days, you are still entitled to cancel your claim without charge, provided you have not received an offer from your financial provider in accordance with Financial Ombudsman Service/Financial Conduct Authority guidelines. A cancellation form is available on request, however is not required. Cancellation requests can be made via any of our contact methods (such as fax, e-mail, telephone or in-person) or by ticking here [ ] and returning this form.
  8. On the success of your claim, BPC will raise an invoice for 30.0% of the total settlement received pre-tax. Our charge applies to the total value of benefits, monetary or otherwise. For example, if you received a settlement figure of £1,000, an invoice would be raised for £300 + VAT (£360 at current VAT rate of 20%), leaving you with a figure of £640. If you are claiming on a credit-card account, any balance on the card may be offset against the settlement figure. For example, if you receive a settlement figure of £1,000, but have a balance of £100 remaining on the credit card account, your balance would be reduced to £0, and a payment via cheque or bank transfer made for £900. Our fee would be based on the total settlement, £300 + VAT, leaving you with a £100 reduction in your card balance, plus £540 in your bank – a total of £640.
  9. If your account is in default, our fee will be calculated solely based on the money received via cheque/bank transfer rather than the total settlement figure. For example, if you receive a settlement figure of £1,000, but are £500 in arrears, our fee would be 30% + VAT of the £500, £180 at current VAT figures, leaving you with a figure of £320, and a reduction in your arrears of £500, giving you a total of £820.
  10. On receipt of payment from the financial provider, I/we will notify BPC within three working days, and understand BPC will then issue an invoice for their services, which must be paid no later than seven days from the date of the invoice.
  11. If the bank reject your claim, you have the right to pass your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Please note that the Ombudsman is currently processing a large amount of claims, and if you wish to refer your rejected complaint to them for review, it may take a significant number of months before they will have had a chance to review your case. BPC will provide advice on how to proceed should you claim be rejected by the bank
  12. BPC have the right to end the processing of my claim if it is not financially viable for them to proceed. BPC have the right to share or sell my information in connection with, but not limited to merger, financing, acquisition, liquidation or proceedings involving sale or transfer of all or a portion of its business or assets. That company or entity will have the right to use the information collected in order to continue its obligations under this agreement.
  13. BPC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm Reference Number 837295.
  14. BPC abides by relevant Data Protection regulations, and details of how we use your personal information is detailed in our privacy policy which can be viewed at www.blackpearlclaims.co.uk/privacy or available on request.
  15. This agreement shall be governed solely by the law of England and Wales.
  16. Should you have any complaints, you can address these via any of our contact methods (such as fax, e-mail, telephone or in-person). Their address is Customer Services, Black Pearl Claims Limited, Albion Place, 5 Albion Court, Leeds, LS1 6JL. We have eight weeks to consider your complaint. If we are unable to help you, then you can have the complaint independently looked at by the Financial Ombudsman. A copy of our complaints handling procedure and further details of the Financial Ombudsman service is available on request by contacting us on 0113 320 2444 or via our website www.blackpearlclaims.co.uk.